Tomorrow’s Airlines Will Offer Tomorrow’s Passengers the Ultimate Flying Experience

It’s no secret airlines cater to their most affluent customers, from showers and spas 39,000 feet into the sky to expanded business class seating. But what if they could go beyond these luxuries, offering something truly special — and not just to the rich? Equipped with a fleet of supersonic jets from Aerion Supersonic, airlines can soon defy passengers’ wildest expectations. How? By giving them back hours on the ground they would otherwise spend in the air. After all, there is no greater extravagance than returning time to the rushed.

At present, the airline industry’s innovations primarily center on comfort. Lufthansa’s latest take on the business class concept, debuting this year in the airline’s Boeing 777-9 aircraft, provides passengers with enough space the cabin could easily be mistaken for a small apartment in New York City. Luxury Travel Magazine calls it an “incomparably upscale, healthy and relaxing flight experience.”

Of course, many other airlines are also in the race to impress customers with high-class offerings. But contemporary luxury travel doesn’t end with the size and configuration of the passenger’s seat. Airlines also compete to provide their clientele with amenities kits featuring the finest brands on Earth. For example, Emirates Airlines provides its first-class passengers a case containing extravagant products by Bulgari, including perfume.

Yet for all the allure of the major airlines’ seating configurations and amenities, they are still not providing passengers with the ultimate flying experience. This can only be achieved with Aerion Supersonic’s AS2 Supersonic Business Jet (SBJ). No matter how impressive the accommodations or service on a subsonic jet, it can never provide the true benefit of a supersonic jet — namely, the ability to cruise at speeds over 1,000 mph, reaching destinations many hours earlier than conventional travel.

Airlines would do well to imagine the ability to offer this experience to customers. Passengers will delight in added time to spend with family and friends, or advancing their business interests, rather than enjoy the quality of designer soap. This is the promise of supersonic travel.

Still, it should be noted, Aerion believes there needn’t be a tradeoff between comfort and speed. Yes, the AS2 SBJ is the supersonic private jet that can transport customers to their destinations in record times, but those moments in the air can very much unfold enjoyably for passengers.

Our approach to luxury at supersonic speeds follows several basic tenets. First, each supersonic plane’s interior is designed to spec. Also, the AS2 breaks new ground in multiple ways, beginning with interior design. Our approach is to start with a blank sheet of paper. Our team then incorporates as much flexibility and customization into the process as possible. As a result, customers have a seemingly endless amount of options when generating a unique cabin to match their lifestyle. The subsequent aesthetic comes to life using the highest quality materials in our production facilities. Just think: why should your flying experience be based on someone else’s definition of luxury?

At present, economic conditions suggest only a small percentage of even the most affluent travelers are in the market for a private jet. Over time, however, SBJs will become accessible to more flyers. Consider, for example the VCR, the mainstay of every family’s consumer electronics in the 1980s and well into the 90s. When Sony launched the first Betamax VCR in 1977, it carried a price tag of $2,295. (That’s more than $10,000 in 2020 dollars, far from the affordable device they became in just a few short years.)

The AS2 supersonic jet isn’t likely to immediately become a household item like the VCR. However, there are ways a broader segment of the population could experience supersonic flight sooner rather than later. A forward-thinking airline could build a fleet of AS2 SBJs to offer premium service along busy routes. (Also, since we build interiors to spec, the airline can ensure their passengers experience their brand exactly how they intend.)

Certainly, some affluent passengers will be satisfied with existing first-class travel, but a considerable (and ever growing) segment will be eager to embrace the joy of supersonic flight — especially, when they learn the good news. Forget “low boom” supersonic flight. Aerion offers super-silent flight, featuring our “Boomless Cruise” technology and efficient GE Affinity supersonic engines. When the SBJ passes overhead people below will never experience a window-rattling sonic boom. Plus, it’s whisper-quiet for those in the cabin, too.

But we saved the best for last. Aerion is the first aircraft manufacturer to commit to carbon neutrality. This means the AS2 will not only carry passengers at incredible speeds — but do so with a negative carbon footprint.

Ultimately, Aerion Supersonic is revolutionizing flight by bringing passengers supersonic travel. Our supersonic jet, the AS2, is safe, quiet, environmentally friendly, and delivers a luxurious experience.

01 13 2021