A wing like no other in the air.

Aerion's SNLF Wing

reduces friction drag over the wing by about 50 percent compared to conventional swept or delta wings, enabling a total airframe drag reduction by as much as 20 percent. This drag reduction is significant enough to make supersonic flight practical for both regional and intercontinental travel.

The AS2 wing is unswept, but tapered with a relatively sharp leading edge and a modified "bi-convex" airfoil, meaning upper and lower surfaces are slightly curved. It's a very thin and very smooth wing, with high-lift flaps that enable approach and landing speeds comparable to large subsonic business jets, with a relatively low deck angle and good visibility.

SNLF technology produces a net reduction in drag versus other possible supersonic configurations, establishing a virtuous circle—less power required, therefore greater fuel efficiency and lower weight.

Early Aerion patent drawings for a SNLF wing/airframe configuration. Aerion’s intellectual property in the realm of efficient supersonic flight is a unique commodity in the aerospace industry.