Technical Specifications

AS2 Performance Objectives
and Specifications

Max operating speed: 1.5 Mach
LRC, supersonic: 1.4 Mach
BOOMLESS CRUISEsm: 1.1 - 1.2 Mach
LRC, subsonic: .95 Mach
Max range IFR, Mach 1.4: 4,750nm / 8,797km
Max range IFR, Mach 0.95: 5,300nm / 9,816km
BFL at ISA S.L.: 7,500ft / 2,286m
MTOW: 121,000lbs / 54,884kg
BOW: 57,801lb / 26.218kg
Wing Area: 1,350sqft / 125sqm


Length: 170ft / 51.8m
Width / Wingspan: 61ft / 18.6m
Height: 22ft / 6.7m


Max height: 6ft 2in / 1.9m
Max width: 7ft 6in / 2.2m
Cabin length: 30ft / 9.1m

technical specs as2 jet

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