Speed and respect for our planet need not be mutually exclusive

We will protect our planet

We are a company that takes environmental stewardship very seriously. As part of our mission to bring supersonic mobility to the world, we are committed to addressing climate change and will work hard to be part of the solution to reverse it.

Decarbonize Global Mobility

The AS2 will be the first certified aircraft designed for net zero CO2 operating emissions and the first supersonic aircraft that does not require afterburning engines.

Clean Energy Solutions

We are engineering transportation solutions fueled by clean energy and jet fuel created by pulling CO2 out of the air. We have partnered with Carbon Engineering to de-carbonize supersonic travel.

A Convergence of Innovations

Hydrocarbon fuels synthesized from atmospheric carbon and hydrogen made from renewable electricity offer the energy solutions of tomorrow. Direct air capture technology pioneered by Carbon Engineering, advances in electrolysis, an abundance of low-cost renewable power and Fischer-Tropsch fuel synthesis are converging to offer a future powered by carbon captured fuel.

A commitment beyond an aircraft

Our commitment to sustainable supersonic travel extends beyond the AS2 to the company’s future home – Aerion Park – planned to be powered by clean energy using the very latest in photovoltaic solar technology and dedicated to creating zero waste, minimizing emissions and recycling water usage.