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Meet Aerion’s Director of Industrial Design, Tim Fagan

By Aerion Supersonic on Dec 16, 2021

3 min read

Earlier this month, we welcomed Tim Fagan to the Aerion family as director of industrial design, including the interior design, for our revolutionary supersonic business jet, the AS2.

Based on his extensive experience in product development, including leading the industrial design activity on several business jet programs, we knew Tim would be the perfect fit as we build an aircraft that exemplifies luxury, comfort, and speed in an environmentally responsible way.

So, we sat down with Tim to learn more about his background, his interests and what he hopes to accomplish here at Aerion:

What is your vision for the interior design of the AS2 supersonic business jet?

The AS2 will allow passengers to travel in a way that’s never before been possible, flying at a speed that’s unparallelled in private aviation. I’m thrilled to join the Aerion team and help bring this game-changing aircraft to our customers. In keeping with an unprecedented aviation experience, our vision for the AS2’s interior is that of unique beauty and luxury, with visionary technology, intelligent functionality, and genuine comfort. We plan to fuse emerging technology with exquisite, hand-crafted materials - all delivered with relentless attention to detail.


What initially sparked your interest in aircraft interior development?

My degree is in industrial design, which is the design of manufactured objects. In essence, I help define the form, functionality, and finishing of an object, and I also look into the actual means of manufacturing. More generally, I really love aircraft - the cabin of an aircraft offers so many different areas of design: seating, lighting, interface and interaction design, functional spaces for food preparation, etc. Designing an aircraft requires very specific problem solving and design solutions, but they also have to work together to create a complete experience.


What makes for an exceptional in-flight passenger experience?

A great in-flight experience starts with comfort - not only physical comfort but also a calm and serene space. You should also have the ability to do many of the things you do on the ground - stay connected to friends and family, eat well, get work done, read, enjoy movies or TV shows, take a nap, etc. It’s important to design an aircraft cabin where all of the above can be done with ease and comfort.


What do you notice most about what could be improved when you fly commercial airlines today?

Commercial aircraft cabins have evolved enormously in the last few decades. In many ways, they put more focus on the passenger experience than previous generations, with quality lighting, improved seating, personalized in-flight entertainment, power outlets in seats, etc. There are, however, opportunities to improve the flow and smoothness of the experience, especially during the boarding and exiting of the aircraft, when storing carry-on baggage can be most disruptive. Design could also play a role in increasing personal space and privacy during the in-flight experience. In comparison, business aircraft have big advantages in areas of comfort and flow, compared to commercial aircraft. As the world’s first supersonic business jet, the AS2 will bring a unique vision for the cabin experience.


What are you most looking forward to in your new position and as a member of the Aerion team?

The pursuit of supersonic flight is a hugely exciting project, with unique design opportunities.  It’s a true adventure to be part of a project that will change the way people travel, and I’m really looking forward to working with the team.