Aerion Supersonic

Hi. We’re Aerion Supersonic.

By Aerion Supersonic on Oct 04, 2021

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Hi. We’re Aerion Supersonic. It’s nice to meet you.

By way of introduction, let us tell you about some of our favorite things:

  • Human connection ?
  • Recovered time ⏰
  • A healthier planet ?


What are some of our least favorite things? Glad you asked!

  • Time away from our families and friends ⌛
  • Wasting a day in a metal tube ✈️
  • Unfriendly environmental practices ?️


Here’s the thing: Air travel has been moving at the same speed for nearly 70 years. In that time, we’ve created computers that fit in our pockets, cars that drive themselves, and even a way to meet a future spouse just by swiping right. But, traveling from New York City to London takes just as long as it did when our grandparents made the trip in the mid-20th century - and, if anything, the experience is even more frustrating.

We can do better. With beautifully engineered machines, a wealth of knowledge of the aviation  industry, and a resolute commitment to environmental sustainability at every level, we’re the team bringing supersonic travel to the world. After 15 years of research, we’ve learned how to design a supersonic plane that revolutionizes how we move around the world.

Our solution is made possible with the help of GE Aviation’s Affinity™ Supersonic turbofan. It also has a lot to do with our industrial partner and fellow shareholder, Boeing. But, most of all, it took the hard work of a small group of dedicated, passionate, and talented engineers who are making history together.

If you want to learn more about our deep knowledge of the supersonic industry, the environmental issues we plan to overcome, and what it’s like to revolutionize travel, follow along with us as we build a sustainable global transportation network, running at supersonic speed. We hope to make President John F. Kennedy proud by helping people reclaim their most precious resource - time - so they can create, explore, grow, and love a little more. And we’re not doing it because it’s easy, but we’re not doing it because it’s hard, either. We’re doing it because it’s worth it.