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Celebrating Our Planet
Watch Video People around the world are celebrating Earth Day this year in their own way.

From simple acts like thinking through their personal carbon footprint and cleaning up garbage that harms wildlife and damages the natural beauty of our environment, to new transportation networks powered by clean energy and revolutionizing manufacturing to create the world's first carbon-neutral supersonic jet.

While these initiatives are celebrated on Earth Day, Aerion believes that Every Day is Earth Day. Please take a moment to watch our brief video on implementing sustainability at Aerion Park.
Sustainability in the Air
Sustainability in the Air
At first glance, Aerion's commitment to the environment is embodied by the AS2® supersonic business jet (SBJ), which harnesses the power of green speed to cruise at speeds of 1,000 mph without damaging the environment. Every inch of the AS2® supersonic business jet is tuned to be environmentally friendly without compromising speed or luxury.

But our commitment to the planet isn't just about bringing the world closer together through the power of supersonic flight. Our dedication to sustainability starts on the ground at Aerion Park, our new global HQ and manufacturing base.
Sustainability on the Ground
Sustainability on the Ground
When completed, Aerion Park, located in the heart of Florida's legendary Space Coast, will not only be Aerion's global HQ and manufacturing facility, but also the beating heart of our entire organization. From the first stages of design to repair and training, the campus will house every aspect of company operations. Most importantly, the facility is being built with cutting-edge green building practices in mind.

Powered by solar panels to the greatest extent possible, our ultimate goal is running it all with sustainable power generated onsite. Our team is creating opportunities to minimize environmental impact with every conceivable design feature. For example, did you know standard concrete is a major carbon emitter?

Aerion Park will therefore use green-friendly concrete that doesn't sacrifice on strength for the good of the planet and our buildings. Constructing this type of campus will not only help us to reimagine aircraft manufacturing but also to embrace our sustainability ideals. To this point, when we chose architectural firm Haskell to design Aerion Park, we did so with one important addition - legendary environmentally friendly designer William McDonough.
Partnering with an Environmental Legend
Partnering with an Environmental Legend
William McDonough is one of the leading designers creating practical and sustainable facilities, ranging from manufacturing plants to college campuses. In fact, many credit him with kicking off the green economy with his 2002 book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things.

Time Magazine wrote of McDonough: "His utopianism is grounded in a unified philosophy that-in demonstrable and practical ways-is changing the design of the world." McDonough specializes in creating facilities that are not only green-friendly, but also sustainable for the future through cost savings. For example, his reimagining of Ford's iconic River Rouge plant includes the world's largest green roof which certainly helps Detroit's environment, but also saved the company $35 million in construction costs.

Sustainability on the Ground McDonough and his team will help Aerion tackle the challenge of building the best and most Earth-friendly aerospace campus in the world. He will also address the thorny design questions of Aerion Park, such as: "How to build a green roof capable of surviving a hurricane?"

Like us, McDonough believes Aerion Park has the opportunity to become an innovation hub for more environmentally friendly technology and design. As a result, Aerion and McDonough are devoted to incorporating breakthrough technologies as they become available so Aerion Park "lives and breathes" its environmental mission.

Aircraft companies often talk about improving fuel efficiency and other flight performance characteristics to show off their Earth Day spirit, but at Aerion, Earth Day and the drive towards a carbon-neutral future is in our DNA-and included in everything we do.
Aerion's Pledge: 100 Million Trees Planted
Aerion's Pledge: 100 Million Trees Planted
According to the old idiom, if you focus on details instead of the big picture, you "can't see the forest for the trees." This Earth Day, Aerion recognizes placing an emphasis on trees is the best way for our planet to enjoy more forests.

What's more, Aerion's long-term commitment to leaving the world in better shape than we found it is not just limited to decarbonizing supersonic travel. "We are committed to bringing people closer together in a more vibrant, compassionate world where distance is no longer a barrier, and to innovation that's kind to our planet," says Tom Vice, Chairman, President, and CEO.

These values have driven us to another crucial goal: planting 100 million trees around the globe. Care for our planet has long been a major focus of our organization. Aerion has partnered with One Tree Planted since 2019, most recently planting 800 trees at Bowers Mansion Regional Park in an area once ravaged by wildfire. On that day Aerion employees and their families met with the Sugar Pine Foundation and the Nevada Division of Forestry to receive planting instructions, collect tools and seedlings, and partake in an effort to help our planet.

These actions, along with the core values contained within our company, are integrated into Aerion's AS2® Supersonic Business Jet (SBJ), designed from nose to tail with an emphasis on green speed. We can safely say there isn't one inch of our new supersonic business jets - or the facility that will produce them - that has not been optimized for minimal environmental impact, including their propulsion system and fuel sources.

Ultimately, Aerion views improving the planet as a core mission of our company. Among the many steps we are taking to celebrate Earth Day every day of the year, our vision to plant 100 million trees is one of the most exciting and we are thrilled to share our progress with you.
Aerion Celebrates Earth Day
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