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Aerion and Honeywell Revolutionize the Flight Deck

OrlandoOct 15, 2021

Aerion and Honeywell Aerospace are collaborating to bring a revolutionary new cockpit to the Aerion AS2 – the first supersonic business jet in history. Honeywell is a market leader with decades of extraordinary innovation in both business and supersonic aircraft. Aerion is revolutionizing global mobility with a family of supersonic aircraft.


“Honeywell will deliver a comprehensive connected aircraft solution that will enable operators to reach their destinations faster than ever before, maximizing their productivity while providing an exceptional travel experience,” said Carl Esposito, President, Electronic Solutions at Honeywell. “This is a fantastic opportunity to pioneer a new segment of aviation with Aerion.”


“Aerion is revolutionizing global mobility with a family of supersonic aircraft, of which the AS2 will be the first. This amazing aircraft embodies the pioneering spirit of aviation and incorporates the greatest technical achievements in decades for our business aviation customers. We are providing a new level of user experience in the cabin, and most certainly in the cockpit,” said Aerion CEO Tom Vice.


Honeywell is uniquely positioned to provide avionics for the world’s first supersonic business jet. Honeywell Primus Epic avionics are currently standard equipment on leading business and regional jet OEM platforms and in service on nearly 5,000 aircraft in 20 different models. Primus Epic has accrued nearly 30+ million total flight hours. Similarly, Honeywell mission processors, displays, sensors, radio altimeters, radar, and flight control systems have been enabling thousands of supersonic military jets for decades. Most supersonic aircraft in the free world utilize various Honeywell avionics systems and components. This unique combination of business jet and supersonic experience enables Honeywell to offer an innovative supersonic business jet cockpit for the AS2.


About Aerion

Aerion is pioneering a new generation of efficient supersonic aircraft aimed at revolutionizing flight and giving travelers back the most precious commodity of all—time. It is developing the Mach 1.4 AS2 supersonic business jet. This 12-passenger jet will save travelers as much as three hours across the Atlantic and five hours across the Pacific. It is as much as 60 percent faster than today’s civil jets. The AS2 will redefine the passenger experience, providing a new level of luxurious, connected, productive and serene flight at 1,000 mph. Aerion plans to fly the AS2 in 2024, with certification in 2025.

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