GAMA Announces Addition of Six Companies to Membership

GAMA NEWS 19-22 For Immediate Release: Mar 6, 2022

Washington, DC –– The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) today announced the addition of six companies to its membership: Lee Aerospace, Schweizer, Aerion Corporation, Lilium GmbH, Daedalean and Unither Bioelectronics.

“We’re excited to add another group of great companies to our expanding, worldwide membership,” said GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce. “These six companies cover a broad swath of segments and technologies – rotorcraft, supersonic, rst tier suppliers and electric and hybrid propulsion – that comprise the ecosystem that is and will be an essential part of the global general aviation industry’s future. We’re proud to represent them and look forward to contributing to their success.”

“The expanding breadth of the GAMA manufacturing membership requires we continue focusing on streamlining the certication and validation process globally,” said GAMA Chairman and Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. President Mark Burns. “It also underscores the rapid pace of technological innovation happening in our industry, and our responsibility to recapitalize our workforce through education and training while continuously promoting the dynamic nature of careers available in aviation.”

Lee Aerospace

Lee Aerospace was founded in 1989 by owner and company president, Jim Lee. Starting as a production facility for Boeing 737/757 cabin windows, Lee Aerospace has grown through the years to include advanced aerospace transparency design, an FAA 145 Certied repair facility oering repair and installation, major and complex aerostructure assemblies and composite manufacturing programs for some of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world. The company is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas.


Schweizer is a reorganized company that manufactures the piston powered two-seat Schweizer 269 rotorcraft. Schweizer is based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Aerion Corporation

Aerion is pioneering a new generation of ecient, economical, and environmentally responsible supersonic aircraft. The Mach 1.4 AS2® business jet is scheduled to begin flight testing in 2024. The company entered into a partnership with Boeing in February 2019 to develop the AS2® and advance the supersonic market. In October 2018, Aerion and GE Aviation unveiled the GE Anity™ engine, the rst supersonic engine in more than 50 years. Aerion is headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

Lilium GmbH

Lilium GmbH is an aviation startup developing a revolutionary on-demand air mobility service. To enable the vision of air mobility for everyone, the company is designing, manufacturing and will soon operate the Lilium Jet, the rst all-electric vertical take-o and landing jet (eVTOL) of its kind. The company is located in Munich, Germany.

Associate Member


Daedalean is a startup with the mission to build a certied airworthy autopilot that can also pass the exams for human pilots. Relying on expertise in robotics, computer vision and machine learning, as well as a thorough foundation in classical systems engineering, avionics and piloting, the company is working on guidance, navigation and control systems. The company is located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Unither Bioelectronics

Unither Bioelectronics, a subsidiary of Lung Biotechnology PBC, is focused on the development of eVTOL aircraft specically for the purpose of delivering organs to hospitals. The company is involved in various research and development programs to push the boundaries of electric ight and the certication aspect of eVTOL technologies. The Unither family of companies aims at an exponential increase in organ transplantation, via future U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved lung manufacturing techniques. Unither is based in Bromont, Québec.

For additional information, please contact Sarah McCann, GAMA Director of Communications, at +1 (202) 637-1375 or

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