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Proven Investment Executive, Matthew Mejía, joins Aerion Supersonic as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Strategy & Investor Relations

RENO, NevJan 23, 2022

Aerion, the leader in supersonic flight, announced today that Matthew Mejía has joined Aerion as the company’s Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Strategy & Investor Relations. Matthew brings over 20 years of aerospace experience in strategic due diligence, management consulting and investment banking.

“Aerion’s mission to build the next generation of global transportation networks, saving humanity time while being carbon neutral, is a truly compelling vision. They also have the team that can back this vision up with real knowhow and proven expertise. I look forward to this incredible opportunity,” said Mejía.

Tom Vice, Aerion’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, said of Mejía, “I am very pleased and excited to announce that our board of directors has approved the appointment of Matthew Mejía as our CFO and EVP Strategy & Investor Relations. Matthew brings a remarkable depth of knowledge about Aerion, as well as an impressive background for this role. He will be an incredible addition to our leadership team.”

Prior to Renaissance Strategic Advisors, Matthew held leadership positions with the aerospace practices at Booz & Company and Charles River Associates. He also spent eight years as an investment banker at First Equity Development, a boutique investment bank, focusing on aerospace & defense advisory and merchant banking activities. As Vice President, Matthew had direct responsibility for numerous international and domestic transactions, including sell side, buy side, M&A strategy, due diligence, and capital raising, as well as extensive support for portfolio companies owned by First Equity’s merchant bank. He also created and managed a business unit to advise presidential appointees at the United States Departments of Defense and Justice on industrial base issues and major mergers & acquisitions involving leading aerospace & defense companies.

Matthew graduated from the Jerome Fisher M&T program at the University of Pennsylvania, earning a BS from Wharton and a BAS from the School of Engineering & Applied Science. He is a past fellow at the NASA Glenn Research Center and was a student private pilot. Matthew lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.

About Aerion:

Aerion, the industry leader in supersonic travel, is pioneering a new generation of high-speed mobility solutions that significantly reduce the time and friction of travel while leaving no carbon footprint behind. The Mach 1.4 AS2 business jet is scheduled to begin flight testing in 2024. In October 2018, Aerion and GE Aviation unveiled the quiet and efficient GE Affinity™ engine, the first supersonic engine in more than 50 years. Aerion entered into a partnership with Boeing in February 2019 to continue the development of the AS2 and advance the supersonic market.

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