Aerion Supersonic recently announced it has selected Melbourne, Florida, in the heart of the historic Space Coast, as the home for Aerion Park, our new headquarters campus. Florida is a natural home for Aerion, not only for its historical role in the space race, but also for being the epicenter of a new boom in aerospace innovation.

Aerion Park is entering the development phase on 110 acres of land located near Melbourne Orlando International Airport (MLB). State of the art facilities will include around 2,000,000 sq. ft. of building space, along with taxiways and other ground support features for the AS2® and future supersonic and hypersonic aircraft built at the facility. Aerion Park represents a capital investment of $300 million for construction, machinery, and equipment. We plan to employ 675 people in a wide variety of manufacturing and high-tech roles.

We would like to explain why we are thrilled by the role Aerion Park will play in the future of Aerion Supersonic. In short, we are building a world-class aerospace design, research, manufacturing, and testing campus dedicated to one goal — bringing the world closer together through the power of faster and sustainable point-to-point travel. Aerion Park will be the home of the AS2® supersonic jet, but the AS2® is just the beginning of our important work.

And yet, a common question posed to Aerion’s senior management is “Why build a new campus? Why not just take over an existing facility?” The answer is simple. Aerion is a new company built from the ground up to support advances in supersonic aircraft and to do so in the most environmentally sustainable way. The key to accomplishing this goal is not only a new facility, but one staffed with the rich and diverse workforce of Florida’s Space Coast.

One of the most important features of Aerion Park is it will not just be a manufacturing facility. Every step of the process, from design to training flight crew, will occur in one place, creating efficiencies and process advancements. This approach harkens back to Henry Ford’s River Rouge Complex, which integrated every aspect of automobile manufacturing into one Detroit campus. At Aerion Park, we’ll take the dreams of our engineers, and turn them into supersonic jets to change the world.

To put some perspective on the scope of our operations at Aerion Park, consider the key features located on campus that will be in place to accommodate research, design, build, and maintenance of the company’s supersonic aircraft and future hypersonic derivatives. Additionally, flanking the main site will be a new Aerion Customer Experience Center spread over 22 acres, to which customers will be able to taxi direct from Orlando Melbourne International airport, directly linked by taxiway. Aerion Park will also serve as the company’s design center.

Of course, Aerion Park will also embrace our company’s strong environmental ethic. By building a state-of-the-art campus from scratch, we can ensure the design fits our commitment to sustainability. Our facilities will be built with recycled and locally sourced materials, wherever applicable. We will also look to embrace innovations such as environmentally-friendly concrete for our buildings, as traditional concrete is a major carbon emitter. Our buildings will reuse rainwater, and we are incorporating cutting-edge technologies, like solar panels integrated into window glass. For a high-tech design and manufacturing facility, power is a big concern, one we’re addressing with solar panels in multiple forms throughout the campus, including solar trees, providing shade for our parking lots. (Our goal is to run Aerion Park completely off sustainable energy generated onsite.)

Moving forward, we plan to publish updates as Aerion Park reaches key construction milestones. To learn more about our unique approach to design and manufacturing, supported by the latest AI and Big Data developments, you can read about us in Forbes. In the meantime, we will be hard at work on every aspect of this project, because the AS2® Supersonic Business Jet is slated to start production in 2023.

If you are as excited by Aerion Park, the AS2, and the future of supersonic flight as we are, we invite you to apply to join our team. Yes, we are already hiring in Florida! Even as Aerion Park is under construction. Stay tuned…