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The Company

AERION CORPORATION, headquartered in Reno, Nevada, is seeking exceptionally talented, motivated and experienced leaders, engineers and software professionals to continue developing the AS2 supersonic business jet – the aircraft that will launch a new era of supersonic flight.

In conjunction with Airbus Group, we are on track for the AS2’s first flight in 2021. Aerion expects the AS2 to be the first in a series of derivative jets employing proprietary high-speed technology, including a natural laminar flow supersonic wing.

Our software technology division, AERION TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION (ATC), previously known as DESKTOP AERONAUTICS, is located in Palo Alto, California. ATC actively supports Aerion’s development of the AS2 supersonic business jet through development of in-house proprietary design and analysis software. ATC also supports third party aerospace customers with commercial licensing of our non-proprietary software products. Our flagship software product, GoCart, is powered by NASA’s Cart3D solver and provides a seamless graphical user interface that allows users to productively exploit Cart3D’s extensive capabilities.

New hires will join an elite and growing team dedicated to launching the most exciting civil aircraft development program of our time.

Software Developer – Meshing

This Software Developer position for development of mesh manipulation tools and their GUIs will assist in conceiving, designing, and implementing an independent mesh manipulation tool in a small team, under the direction of our Geometry Software Engineer. Examples of algorithms or problems include mesh analysis for element quality, water-tightness, mesh repair, re-meshing or gap filling, analyzing meshes for duplicate/overlapping triangles, etc.

This position is expected to make use of a CAD kernel (e.g. ACIS) to help in solid modeling tasks when developing this software tool, which is primarily for airplane components and sub-systems. A suitable GUI for this and similar tools must be also developed as a part of this application development process. This role will also implement these algorithms in C++. In addition, this position will help other engineers and/or customers in generating/repairing their meshes, training users, generating documentation of software functionality, etc.


  • Develop algorithms for mesh analysis for a variety of problems (e.g., element quality, water-tightness, mesh repair, re-meshing or gap filling, analyzing meshes for duplicate/overlapping triangles, etc.)
  • Use CAD kernel ACIS, QT or other suitable GUI framework
  • Implement algorithms in C++
  • Assist other engineers to generate/repair their meshes
  • Provide technical support to Aerion and other customers on the use of these tools
  • Support our culture which expects high levels of performance with a strong work ethic


The successful candidate will have strong academic credentials and the background to perform independent literature reviews and analysis.  He/She must be highly organized and able to work effectively both independently and in group environments.  The candidate must be proficient at providing clear status reports, developing useful technical presentations, and have the skills necessary to successfully present to coworkers, customers and company leadership.


  • Knowledge of meshing theory and algorithms
  • Expertise using one or more CAD software packages (e.g., SolidWorks, Siemens NX, Pro-Engineer) or image processing packages (e.g, Photoshop)
  • Working knowledge of version control system, project planning and reporting systems, and software development project cycle terms
  • Conversant (or better) with challenges in software development for multiple platforms – Mac, Linux, and Windows
  • Aircraft industry experience highly desired but not required
  • Must be highly detail-oriented and self-motivated with a strong work ethic
  • Ability to develop high levels of credibility and forge solid professional relationships with subordinates, peers, and management


  • Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering discipline, preferably electrical, mechanical, aerospace or computer science, with a Master’s Degree strongly preferred
  • Strong academic credentials, ability to perform independent literature review and analysis of research papers, articles, and white papers
  • Experience or coursework in geometry and graphics, OpenGL preferred
  • 3+ years of direct experience in developing mesh manipulations or other geometric software
  • Experience using CAD modeler APIs (e.g., SolidWorks, Siemens NX, Pro-Engineer) or CAD kernel APIs (e.g., ACIS, ParaSolid, Granite) strongly preferred
  • Experience in creating GUIs for CAD or CAD-like applications (e.g. image processing) using Qt or other suitable techniques
  • OpenGL experience is also desired
  • Expertise in Rhino is a plus
  • Experience with Object Oriented Programming (C++ preferred)


This position offers the opportunity to function as a key player in a rapidly growing, entrepreneurial organization developing a new and innovative aircraft design and supporting software. A competitive compensation and benefits package designed to attract the highest caliber talent will be available for this position.

An in-depth background check will be run on candidates prior to receiving a job offer, and any offer of employment is contingent on the results of this background check.

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