AS2 Cabin

Exceptional Comfort at Remarkable Speeds

Cabin Design

SUPERSONIC AERODYNAMICS DICTATE A UNIQUE non-constant cross section cabin, which is widest in the aft cabin and tapers forward. In the aft half of the cabin, width and height are equivalent to some of today’s best-selling long-range jets. Throughout the cabin, Aerion designers are able to provide the individual space and comfort travelers expect in a top-of-the-line business jet.

Individual seats are equivalent in size to those in today’s large, long-range jets, as is seat pitch—the distance between opposite seats—providing room to stretch out and relax.

It was often said of the Concorde how utterly normal it felt to be flying at supersonic speeds. The same will be true of the AS2. The AS2, however, will provide unrivaled comfort. Its furnishings and appointments will be dictated by the customer and will be unsurpassed in their quality, craftsmanship, and beauty.

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