Supersonic speed. Subsonic comfort.

Today's business aircraft

are taking on ever grander dimensions to accommodate staterooms, dining rooms, showers, refrigerators, wide-screen TVs and complex entertainment systems that have become must-haves. Which makes sense when you are asking passengers to spend up to 14 hours (or more) in a confined space.

The Aerion AS2 changes all that: 14 hours becomes 9; 7 hours becomes 4 and so on. So you spend considerably less time in the air and considerably more time doing what you came to do.

That said, comfort remains an imperative. And comfort is more about cabin cross section than anything else. On that measure, the AS2 is competitive by any standard.

Cabin height is 6'2" and width is 7'3", providing the broad-shouldered roominess of many of today's long-range jets. The AS2 cabin will feature a two-lounge configuration. A typical layout includes a four-place club grouping of individual seats forward, plus four seats around a conference/dining table aft. With the addition of a divan the AS2 can seat up to 11. And for an overnight flight, all seats can be berthed to comfortably sleep 4 passengers. The AS2 has a 6'2" stand-up, full-width aft lav along with a walk-in luggage compartment.

The AS2's 30-foot-long cabin tapers gradually toward the nose for aerodynamics, but still allows for plenty of storage, a complete galley and a forward crew lav.

In other words, flying aboard the Aerion AS2 means being completely at ease while traveling faster than a speeding bullet.

The AS2's unique ovoid shape provides for high-speed without sacrificing roominess (Forward cabin cutaway shown.)