Airport Ops

Airport Operations

While far from typical in comparison to today’s business aircraft, the AS2 will be conventional in terms of airport operations.

Balanced field length at maximum takeoff weight under sea-level standard conditions is 7,500 feet. When operating at 100,000 pounds MTOW, balanced field length will be less than 6,000 feet, permitting operations at almost all typically used major business aviation reliever airports.

Approach speed will be below 135 knots at typical landing weight. A low deck angle will provide good natural visibility on approach.

Aerion expects to certify the aircraft to operate in crosswinds up to 25 knots.

The aircraft will be able to operate autonomously at any airport, requiring no specialized equipment and starting on APU power. The AS2 will be designed to be towed by normal tug equipment.

Aerion will achieve Stage 4 noise compliance, plus emissions and other environmental requirements.