Aerion Connect™

Turn your entire journey into one seamless experience

Making connections that once seemed impossible, possible

Our intent is not just to redefine speed and the experience of global travel but to build an entire ecosystem for point-to-point mobility with the push of a button.

Introducing Aerion Connect™ - integrating regional and urban transportation networks with seamless and luxurious global travel.


Air travel should be an amazing experience. Aerion Connect™ is the ultimate service intended to make air travel enjoyable and time efficient again by removing the friction points and inefficiencies in today’s mobility ecosystem. Through a single app Aerion customers will be offered a new type of mobility ecosystem optimized for speed – from the point of departure to the point of destination.


We have partnered with to include its eSTOL aircraft in Aerion Connect™, and expect to integrate other urban mobility options, including eVTOL aircraft, as well as next generation supersonic jets.

Ensuring a seamless luxury experience for passengers traveling around the world, we have collaborated with Jetex to provide more personalized travel arrangements through private terminals establishing a global mobility network optimized for speed.

The possibilities are endless

What will you do with all the time you save by turning a travel ordeal into a London day trip?
We’ll leave that luxury to your imagination.