Aerion Connect® Will Provide Seamless, Global Mobility

Aerion Supersonic is hard at work developing the AS2®, the world’s first privately designed supersonic business jet (SBJ). This new supersonic aircraft will cruise at speeds above 1,000 mph without the sonic booms and noisy cabins of the supersonic jets of the past.

But quieter, accelerated flight times are but one component of the future of global mobility. What about mitigating the hassle of arranging the many aspects of door-to-door travel? Better yet, what about reducing time spent in airport transit? Aerion is addressing these concerns too, turning your entire journey into one seamless experience with Aerion Connect®.

Aerion Connect® is the ultimate service to remove not only time tied up in traveling, but also the aggravation of arranging one’s trip. For our customers, it presents a single app serving to coordinate travel from your starting point to your destination. Already, Uber has enjoyed explosive growth by making getting around a city as simple as one click. Why should it be harder to venture from an address in Midtown Manhattan to downtown London?

It shouldn’t be, and with Aerion Connect®, it no longer will. The travel of tomorrow.  True global mobility.

Of course, a trip between continents is slightly more complex than a car ride across Manhattan. To manage it, Aerion has brought its world-class software and systems development team to bear on this complexity, making Aerion Connect® a simple, seamless service. Best of all, while Aerion Connect®’s travel solutions will feature a flight on a supersonic AS2® jet, the service is not intended to be exclusively for AS2® owners.

All travelers who desire to reach their destinations as fast as possible without the hassle of conventional travel are invited to use the service. Aerion Connect® will transform your phone into an instrument of travel logistics wizardry, and the trip it plans starts right where you are standing.

Cognizant one’s journey doesn’t begin at an airport, Aerion Connect® employs a seamless service to address modern travel’s realities. The first leg will entail transporting you from your current location to an airport or FBO, such as those offered by Aerion partner Jetex. (Traditionally, this trip is made by car or helicopter, but in the very near feature, it will be accomplished by advanced air mobility vehicles.) Aerion has partnered with to include its eSTOL aircraft in Aerion Connect®, and expects to integrate other urban and regional mobility options, including eVTOL aircraft.

Now, let’s return to our example roundtrip between Manhattan and London for a business meeting to determine how much time Aerion Connect® can save a traveler. The traditional approach to this destination involves a 90-minute jaunt to the airport, a six-hour subsonic flight, and another hour on the ground to downtown London.

Leaving at 8:00 am from New York, you are bound to arrive at 9:30 pm London time. After a business meeting, the return trip brings you home in the dead of night. With Aerion Connect®, an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) vehicle can whisk you to the airport in a brief 30 minutes. Next, the AS2® SBJ will jet you across the Atlantic in just four hours, and an AAM vehicle can deliver you to your destination at 6:00 pm London time.  The individual using Aerion Connect® will be able to complete a multi-hour meeting and be on their way back home for a late dinner before the individual using more conventional travel methods and subsonic aircraft will have arrived in London.

So, what will you do with all the time you save by turning a travel ordeal into a London daytrip? We’ll leave that luxury to your imagination.

Behind the scenes, Aerion Connect® is also creating a network of best-in-class partners providing different services to our customers. A partnership with NetJets will be a cornerstone of Aerion Connect®’s services and provide increased flexibility for Aerion Connect® customers. Aerion has already announced partnerships with Jetex for dedicated FBOs, Electra for eSTOLs, Carbon Engineering for DAC synthetic fuels, and expects to declare more partnerships in the near future in areas such as maintenance, security, catering, and local concierge services.

As the mobility solution of the future, Aerion Connect® will continually update its roster of partners as new technology emerges. This includes exciting advancements in AAM vehicles, as well as next generation supersonic jets like the Aerion AS3™.

Aerion Connect® may seem like a pivot from the supersonic jet business, but as Chief Commercial Officer Matthew Cram explains, it’s all part of Aerion’s larger mission. “Our ethos is based on the idea of giving time back to people. We want to remove the friction of travel to bring the world closer together. The AS2® facilitates this goal with its incredible speed, and Aerion Connect® contributes with a seamless travel experience.”

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04 29 2021