Aerion AS2 Supersonic Business Jet: Wind Tunnel Validation Film

Reno, NV: December 2, 2021 – Supersonic aircraft company, Aerion, the leader in supersonic technology, today released behind-the-scenes footage of the AS2 business jet undergoing recent wind tunnel validation.

The AS2 business jet recently completed a major program milestone after concluding high and low speed wind tunnel testing, amassing hundreds of simulated flight hours which represent the equivalent of 78,000 nautical miles flown.

Aerion’s high speed testing – captured in this new film - was completed in conjunction with French aerospace testing and research experts, ONERA in Modane, France. Leveraging the extensive testing expertise and facilities at ONERA, Aerion used the testing program to evaluate high speed performance, loads, stability and control at both transonic and supersonic velocities.

The combination of digital modelling using aerodynamic optimization tools developed in-house by subsidiary company, Aerion Technologies and the wind tunnel testing program enables Aerion to negate the need for costly demonstrator aircraft and accelerate the program to the final stages of validation ahead of production start in 2023.

Aerion’s pursuit of faster point-to-point travel begins with the launch of the AS2 supersonic business jet. Designed to be inherently environmentally responsible from first flight, the AS2 is the first supersonic aircraft designed to be powered by 100% engineered synthetic fuel and reach supersonic speeds without the need for an afterburner.

The manufacture of 300 AS2 aircraft is planned for the first decade of production. The AS2 will be the first aircraft to be assembled at the company’s new global headquarters in Melbourne, Florida - Aerion Park. The state-of-the-art development – powered by clean energy - will incorporate headquarters operations plus an integrated campus for research, design, build, and maintenance of the company’s supersonic aircraft.