Aerion Cabin Design is a Process of Constant Refinement.

SEATS: Aerion’s custom-designed seat concepts are the same width as those on current ultra-long-range jets, and will have the same recline, swivel, track and berthing capabilities. Seat pitch—the distance between the mid-point of facing club seats—is 49 inches, for stretching out long legs and allowing restful recline angles.

  • Extendable headrest
  • Customizable density areas
  • Mulitfunctional Armrest
  • Legrest

WINDOWS are larger than the Boeing 787’s (the best in commercial aviation), and measure 13 inches wide by 18 inches tall. Considerable attention has been given to window and seating placement for optimum viewing angles from every seat. Eight large windows were selected as the most attractive and functional arrangement. This configuration allows for three windows between each of the two cabin seating areas, with every individual passenger having a window at a good viewing angle.

TOTAL CABIN LENGTH is 30 feet from cockpit divider to the rear of the lavatory. Behind the lavatory is 120 cubic feet of internally accessible baggage space in a compartment that is 32 inches long.

THE GALLEY is more than five feet long with surface and storage space typical of long-range jets. A pocket door between galley and the passenger seating area reduces sound levels and provides privacy. A flight attendant can work in this forward area and rest in a jump seat.

QUIET CABIN: State-of-the-art sound reduction materials and design will be utilized with the goal of providing passengers with sound levels equivalent to today’s long-range subsonic business jets.